Dr. Leonid Broude


Israeli psychiatrist, therapist, an expert in psychiatry, a certified forensic psychiatrist, the Head of the psychiatric service of the Northern District of Israel, has a private practice, has extensive experience of transcultural counseling and psychotherapy


Specialist in the field of integrative and trans-cultural psychotherapy and Philosophy of Medicine and Mental Health


Dr. Broude is

  • A Board Member of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies,
  • A Board Member of the Israeli Association for  Psychiatry
  • A Board Member of the Israeli Association for  Psychotherapy,
  • A Honorius Member of the Ukrainian Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies,



a Member of:


  • Interdisciplinary Science and Consciousness Institute "Hamatara Emet"
  • Israel Medical Association,
  • Israel Psychiatric Association,
  • Israel Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,
  • Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League,
  • Israel Society of Hypnosis
  • Israel Society for Patient Safety and Risk Management



An author of seminars, lectures and articles in various fields of psychotherapy, psychiatry, philosophy of Mental Health and philosophy of Medicine:


  • Psychotherapy Boundaries: philosophical, social, political, economic, cultural

  • Transcultural Psychotherapy

  • Alternative Psychotherapy

  • Mental Health Paradigms

  • Philosophy of Medicine

  • Philosophy of Mental Health

  • Philosophy of Neuroscience and Neurophilosophy

  • Trans-Cultural Psychotherapy




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